Pascal and Alexander Kilian come from the Franconian-Baden-Hessian border triangle, which they affectionately call “Alemándalucía”. They are fundamentally opposites like fire and water – and that is precisely why they complement each other to become a world-class music act. Their live performance together is the rousing dialogue between two gifted virtuosos, who now flatter each other, now challenge each other and elicit their best from each other – intense and explosive, a magical aura is created that no one can escape. But the two instrumental artists are much more than just entertainers: in their art Take a stand, commit to pure, original music, make a statement in a fluid, fluctuating world. Let yourself be surprised by the incredible musical diversity of two flamenco guitars with a repertoire that forms a fine link between classical and jazz, techno and world Music binds.

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  • Date : 11/07/2024
  • Time : 19:00 (UTC+0)
  • Venue : Islington Assembly Hall
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